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The Big Books:

Keith Barber's 3rd 'Big' BriSCA Book, the Harrison Dynasty is on sale at tracks (£40) or by post from the cormwall office (£46) -please email keithbarber686@hotmail.co.uk  for immeadiate info.



BriSCA Formula One, the first fifty years

Keith Barber has found a way to establish just who the top fifty F.1 stock car drivers of its first fifty years are!This unique publication profiles all of the big names in the sport over its fifty year history, putting the megastars into some kind  of order.. starting with John Lund, Stu Smith and Frankie Junior and ending with names like Lisa Harter, Jayne Bean and Tanya Crouch! Additional sections cover all the World Finals, featuring the programme covers and the winning cars in colour, a big  section covering all the venues that have staged the F.1 sport over the fifty year period, another identifying twelve of the all  time greatest cars, and concluding with a  fifty year MILESTONES section… over 200 pages, many colour, highly acclaimed.

BriSCA Formula One, the first 50 years (the Purple Book): £39 by post, £44 by post with hardback slipcase.


the definitive history of UK Big League StockCar Racing, 1954 - 2004

BriSCA Formula One, the Definitive History originally issued in 2000 is now updated to 2004… but only the remaining unsold issues of the original are having the extra years added. That means there will only ever be 185 copies of this specific publication, making it the rarest F.1 STOCK CAR book of all time, and at around 250 pages the biggest:

BriSCA Formula One  the Definitive History 1954 - 2004 (the Red Book): £55 by post, £60 by post with hardback slipcase.


the big books are only on sale from the StockCar Sales Unit at major F1 & F2 race dates, Fastest way to by post is by currently via cheque/postal order to Keith Barber, Robley Mill, Glynn Barton, Fletchers Bridge, Bodmin. PL30 4AX

Also available to buy with a www.paypal.com transfer to STOCKCARmagazine@ntlworld.com , also click    Magazine info for current ordering by post details



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